Nigel Harpur

Composer Musician Producer

Sound Alchemy

Nigel crafts magical tunes, blending styles to create music that speaks to every heart!

Musical Fusion

He aims to weave diverse sounds into unique melodies, uniting listeners in a harmonious journey.

Creative Harmony

Embracing diversity, sparking joy, and connecting souls with every note. Thatʼs the heart of his music.

My earliest memory of making music is clambering up onto my gran’s piano stool and quietly finding out what the different notes sounded like. Gran had been a concert pianist and mum worried I was irritating her, but Gran said, “Let him play, he’s working it all out dear.”

I was given an old guitar a few years later and gradually worked that out too, a process accelerated by a wonderful tutor John Hart, and by age 11 was getting very good. I loved it and would practice for hours and hours; I had to as John wouldn’t teach me a new tune till I’d totally mastered the one I was learning… he had me sussed!

A few years later it was time for electric guitar and a succession of bands, with a succession of styles; jazz-funk-rock, blues, reggae, pop-rock, ska, I ‘ate it all up like a good boy’ and in time all those influences would come out in my own original music.

Working as a touring sound engineer I learned a lot about mixing and the alchemy of science and art that is needed to get the best results possible. Later I was to translate those skills to the recording studio whilst working with Sirens, an excellent band, on their eponymous first album. After many projects, ranging from some seriously rootsy reggae to a cheeky ‘festive’ radio jingle (Jungle Bells!) I released in 2014 my first album ‘Collage‘ of all original music. This was followed by ‘Carnival for Little Creatures‘ in 2022. There are several projects on the go at the time of writing (Feb 2024) and hopefully more music to be released before too long.

Nigel Harpur